Full Service Resident Screening (In House): Full service resident screening: includes employment verifications, previous residence checks, property ownership verifications, SSN verifications, personalized investigations, financial capacity analysis and experienced recommendations. Please allow 24 - 72 hours: $50.00 (per person).
To view a sample full screening report click here

In house Statewide Criminal Search: Individual statewide criminal searches. $20.00 (per person). Note: Some states may not be available or charge additional fees. Our office will contact you when applicable.

In house Nationwide Criminal Search: Individual criminal searches obtained through a nationwide database. $30.00 (per person).

Instant credit report: Without score $15.00; With Score $20.00 (per person)
To view a sample express report with score click here.

Instant Statewide Criminal Search: Individual state criminal searches. $10.00 (per person, per state).

Instant SSN/Address Search: A powerful investigative tool that opens an investigative window to an individual's social security number validation, past addresses, and possible undisclosed addresses and movement patterns. SSN/Address Search establishes a comprehensive residential history that allows for a more complete background check by verifying and returning information on applicants: full name, age/DOB, address and dates at listed addresses plus phone number when available. $6.00 (per person).

Commercial Tenant Screening: Includes a business credit report with summary. Call for pricing.