Having a third party do your screening for you can act as a shield against vicarious liability suits and can save your company from financial damages and harm. Credit Information Corporation offers you the necessary tools to help you create a hard-working, loyal, honest, and dependable work force through our quality screening services.


Credit Bureau File - $30.00 per person (Note: State of Illinois will only allow credit reports to be pulled for specific businesses, i.e. police departments.)

Criminal Conviction Report - Statewide $25.00 per person; Nationwide - $30.00 per person.; County - Varies

Motor Vehicle Reports - $25.00 per person – This report contains state driving record and confirmation of the validity of a driver’s license.

Worker’s Compensation records – State of Missouri only - $20.00 per person

SSN Verification - $10.00.

Drug Screening - $75.00 per person The applicant would need to come to our office with a picture ID to obtain paperwork and then would be sent to lab (Quest) near our office.

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