DATE: 2/11/2013 PREPARED FOR: ABC Company
NAME: John Doe SSN: XXX-XX-1234
While the information contained in this report is deemed to be reliable, CIC cannot be an insurer of the accuracy of the information. We encourage all landlords to obtain a government issued picture I.D. from the applicant. We recommend a photocopy be kept for your records.


Ratio and Calculation: 30.90%


Input current address does not correspond. The most recent address reported was 123 Main Street Anywhere PA 12345 on 12/18/2011. Address Search / Instant Social Security Number search is suggested. No Previous address was input on the application screen.
Most Recent employment reported: Acme Agency. Reported on: (12/15/2010) . Verified on:(3/18/2011) . Applicant would need to provide a recent pay stub to verify employment/income.
Input social security number matched. Social security number was issued 1953. State issued PA.


Rating: Strong

Grade: A



A+ = 800-850 Prime Applicant would be a prime candidate for residency.
A = 750-799 Strong Applicant would be a strong candidate for residency.
B+ = 700-749 Good Applicant would be an good candidate for residency.
B = 650-699 Adequate Applicant would be an adequate candidate for residency.
C+ = 600-649 Conditional Moderate risk possible. You may want to consider with an additional security deposit.
C = 550-599 Conditional Moderate/high risk possible. You may want to consider with an additional security deposit.
D = 500-549 Poor High risk for future delinquency.
F = 300-499 Poor High risk for future delinquency.
NR No Rating Applicant has insufficient credit history.
NR No Record No record is on file for your applicant. Suggest verification with applicant that correct information was provided.